Many issues around data (sources, strategies, and tools) are similar across disciplines. While IASSIST has its roots in social science data, it has also welcomed discussions over the years of other disciplines’ issues as they relate to data, data management, and support of users. So again this year, in line with this tradition, we are arranging a conference that will benefit those who support researchers across all disciplines:┬ásocial sciences, health and natural sciences, and humanities. Please join the international data community in Lawrence, KS, “in the middle” of the U.S., for insights and discussion on how data in all disciplines are found, shared, used, and managed. Join us and draw inspiration from this diverse gathering!

Full program (links to an archived version of the conference program; snapshot taken on 28 June 2017)


Wednesday, 24 May:
Plenary Speaker Daniel Reed:
Data Writ Large: Technology, Culture and Collision

Wednesday, 24 May:
Our lunch speaker will be Bill James, renowned baseball statistician, KU graduate, and Lawrence resident. The coiner of the term “Sabermetrics,” Bill is widely recognized as an innovator in the appropriate use of metrics to evaluate the performance of players and teams.

Thursday, 25 May:
Plenary Speaker Jennifer Clarke:
Digital Agriculture: The Midwest Big Data Hub and Global Food Security

Friday, 26 May:
Pecha Kucha